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Saturday, March 10, 2018


Who kicked the cat?

Before you answer this question, read the story in full. A  person  used  to  work  as  a  secretary  for  a  very  ill-mannered  manager  who  did  not  have  a  single  skill  of  dealing  with people. This manager used to accumulate his  workload  and  take upon his shoulders burdens he could not bear. One  day,  he  called  his  secretary,  so  he  entered  and  stood  in front of him. The secretary said, “Yes.  How may I help, sir?” He said, “I called your phone but you never answered!” The secretary  replied, “That  was  because  I  was  in  the  other room. I am sorry,  sir!” He  replied, “You  are  always  saying  sorry!  Take  these  papers and  give  them  to  the  head  of  the  repair  department,  and  return quickly!” The  secretary, being  annoyed, went  to  the  office of the repair department’s  head  and  threw  the  papers  on  his  desk  and  said, “Do not take long with these papers!” The  man  became  irritated  at  the  secretary’s  behaviour  and said, “OK,  but please,  place them on the table appropriately!”
The  secretary  replied,  “Appropriately  or  inappropriately,  it does  not  matter!  What  is  important  is  that  you  finish with the papers quickly!” They  argued  and  insulted  each  other  until  voices  were  raised, after  which  the  secretary  went  back  to  his  office. After a couple of  hours,  one  of  the  minor  workers  in  the  repair  department went  to  his  Head  and  said, “I  will  now  go  to  collect  my  children from school and return shortly.” The Head shouted saying, ‘You go out everyday!” He  replied, ‘This  is  what  I  have  been  doing  for  ten  years! This is the first time you are objecting.” The  Head  said, “You  only  listen  when  you  are  being  told  off! Go back to your office!” The  poor  man  went  to  his  office, perplexed at this attitude, and  began  to  call  people  to  arrange  someone  to  pick  up  his  children  from  the  school  and  take  them  home,  but  found  nobody. The  children  had  to  stand  for  a  long  time  in  the  sun  until  one  of the teachers decided to take them home. When  this  employee  returned  home  angry, his  youngest  son came  to  him  with  a  toy  and  said, “Dad!  My  teacher  gave  this  to me, because I…” “Go  to  your  mum!”  says  the  father,  interrupting  him  and pushing him away. The  child  goes  to  his  mother  crying, and  on  his  way, his  beautiful  cat  comes  to  him  and  begins  to  rub  itself  against  his  legs as  usual,  but  he  kicks  the  cat  with  his  foot  and  the  cat  ends  up hitting the wall.
Question: Who kicked the cat? Perhaps you will smile and say, “The manager.” That’s  right,  it  is  the  manager,  because  he  pressurised  himself so much that he eventually exploded.

Your commence are welcome

                                                                                    Written by Biiheenaa Ibrahim      

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