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Monday, March 5, 2018


Long, Long ago, there lived a king called “Naa Kpatuo” (name of King) in a certain village called “yelipki” (say and die). This king named the numeral nine (9) after his daughter (Ziema) and vowed to take off the life of anyone upon mentioning nine (9) when counting the numerals.
Mr. Spider as usual upon hearing this made nine (9) moulds by the river side with the intension of feeding on other animals as he often asked them to count the moulds for him since he could not pronounce the numerals because of his old age.
Unknown to the other animals that the numeral nine (9) was forbidden in the village, they would count the numerals without omitting the numeral nine (9) were often reported to the chief by Mr. Spider.
One day, Mr. Rabbit was on his way to drink water.  Mr. Spider after seeing Mr. Rabbit called on him to help count this moulds since he could not count them, Mr. Rabbit started counting upon mentioning the number nine (9) got trapped by Mr. Spider who said “did not the king say that no one should mention the number nine (9), I must report you to the king”. Mr. Rabbit pleaded but all fell on deaf ears. Mr. Spider reported him to the king and Mr. Rabbit fell prey to Mr. Spider.
Mr. Spider used this trick and fed on so many other animals. All this while, Mr. Monkey was always on a tree watching Mr. Spider executing his wicked plans.
One day, he was passing by and Mr. Spider called on him to count the moulds for him since he could not pronounce the numerals because of his old age, while counting, Mr. Monkey often omitted the numeral nine (9) and Mr. Spider  became angry and said “You are a fat fool, why cannot you call the numeral nine (9)”? Mr. Monkey also reported Mr. Spider to the king for mentioning the forbidden numeral, nine (9) and Mr. Monkey was also asked to feed on Mr. Spider.
This tells us that whatever we do in darkness, people somewhere are watching us and we should not do on to others what we do not also want.

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                                                            Written By: Biiheenaa Ibrahim

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