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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

CDA on the fight against girl child marriage.

Amongst the many organizations advocating for girl child education is Community Development Alliance (CDA-Ghana). CDA has realized that child marriage is one of the major reasons why many girls have truncated education or have no education at all. This canker is dorminant in the rural communities in the hinterlands. Wa East, precisely Bulenge community is used by CDA as a host community to sensitize parents and stakeholders on the issues of child marriage. 
The lead facilitator, Dakogri Mercy, engaged participants in various adult learning techniques in bringing out some of the reasons why the 'village girl' is deprived of education. The interaction was very educative and fruitful as many participants cross-fertilized ideas on  how to curb this situation in the rural communities.
Madam Rafika Mohammed, a participant and gender desk officer from GES, Wa East, posited that men look for the weakness of vulnerabke girls and lure them into sexual relations. She added that most village girls do not have sanitory pads hence falling into the hands of futureless men who impregnate them and finally making them drop out from schools. 
However, the Chief of Loggu argued that today's girls are just not morally sound. That, however the counsel, today's girl child will not learn. To him, the girl child is a spoilt child. But the chief was quick to add that prayers could be a way that could also change the lifestyle of today's girl.  
CDA has always being the voice of the voiceless. They make revelations that make our rural communities stagnant in terms of development.  And solutions are found using research actions and community participatory approaches. More can be learn about the developmental projects being carried out by CDA on
CDA is open to governmental organiztions and other civil societies or NGOs who are touched by the plight of the village girl whose education is truncated or denied due to preventable reasons.

By reps from NYA:
Angaamwine Abdul-Salam
Kpankpari Harriet
Ibrahim Fuseini Adams

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