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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Failures Are Also Part Of Life

“Success” is defined as the achievement of something unintended or desired such as attaining wealth, fame, or prosperity. Where as “Failure” is defined as a minor fault or defect, that is when we are not able to achieve our desired target. Failure may be good or bad depending on how you look at it. But human beings as we are, hate failure. We are always striving to get success at all cost. We are created in such a way that we love pleasures and not displeasures. Therefore, anything that comes into destruct us from achieving something that we thought is leading us to our success, we turn to be miserable and frustrated. Yes, it is good to desire and always strive for success, but we should not forget life is not only about success but rather comprises of failure and success as well. It takes the two. I always tell myself, if life is always going as I have planned, then it will be unfair, because it has to teach me certain things that will actually direct me to work harder.

However, my good friend Age-law said, “do you want to live in vain thinking life will be sunshine and no rain? Life will actually mean nothing without some pains and failures”, if anyone is telling you something otherwise that person is telling you something far from realities, because failures and pains are what sometimes drive us to be strong and work towards success. Our level of love for success has made us ungrateful to our Lord and ourselves, because if we look back at our lives, we would realize that our successes are more than our failures but we always tend to cry over our less failure longer than the time we spent on celebrating our success. Failures are meant to come no matter how hard working or prepared we are. Failures are not bad anyway, but due to our nature and love for success we hate failures even more than death. I have not seen anybody who has failed in his entire life completely. Its highly impossible. If you think its possible then you have misunderstood the whole concept of failure

One thing we do not always understand is that, where we are or what we are doing does not necessarily mean that it is where we will succeed. Sometimes failure will direct you to what is meant for you but in a way that you will never understand in the beginning. If you look at people who have been successful in one thing or the other have also failed in so many things. So, henceforth failure doesn’t mean the end of life, there is always a second chance, so be strong and carry on with life despite the failures. When one door is closed, another door is always opened but often times we look at the closed door too long that we do not even realize the ones that have been open for us…Suntaa Ibrahim

                                                                        Written By : Suntaa Ibrahim

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