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Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Dagomba Lady

After feeling like my world was ended because of a failed relationship, which most of us call “broken heart”. I was emotionally weak and depressed. I lost hope in everything that I was doing. In fact I have suffered, but I finally settled on not to be a victim of any failed relationship, for I won’t fall in love again. I promised myself not to give any lady my life, love, time and care, because of the troubles I faced during this broken hearted moments. I gave testimonies and words of advices to people not to fall in love because they will be hurt in the long run. The idea of marriage vanishes in my mind. My respect for ladies by then had reduced. I had green lights, many ladies came my way trying to make me fall in love with them but because of my experience, I never give any of them attention and not to even talk of love. I always try to distant myself from them, to have my peace as I wish, until she came my way “THE DAGOMBA LADY” and little did I know I was going to disobey my own set rules.

I tried all my possible best to resist her, but all failed because she was caring, loving, patient, beautiful and above all respectful. Even though I wasn’t blind to all these qualities of her, but I was still trying not to fall in love with her. After this Dagomba lady was able to convince me that not all ladies are the same and that I need to give the benefit of the doubt to others. My stereotype about the Dagomba ladies also set in. The wrong mentality I had about Dagomba ladies due to what I had been told in the past. How they don’t treat their husbands well, how they don’t respect their husbands and that some of them even beat their husbands, but on the contrary this lady has proven to me that all my delusions and stereotypes about the Dagomba ladies were totally wrong and fallacious. However, I now have the feeling that Dagomba ladies are worth fighting for. This Dagomba lady has made my life beautiful and interesting once again. She entered into my life as a candlelight in the dark, because I was actually in the dark thinking there is no more love in this world again.
She showed me the meaning of love not with words but with care, attention and time, even though sometimes she doesn’t open up somethings to me because of her shy nature, but any time I look into her eyes I see everything. Sometimes when I remember how aimless I was, drifting from one place to another, how I was grieving a cause in my life and along came you as an angel sent by God to change everything about my life. You have given me so much love that I never expected, and I know, I can only spend my lifetime loving you and making you feel safe and secure in my arms. For now, I don’t know anything except one thing which is “I love you” and I must confess you mean the world to me. Her everyday sorry for her mistakes as well as mine are what never seized to amaze me, in fact you have made me feel bad about the wrong mind I used to have about Dagomba ladies. We must in the fullness of time, reassess and rethink about what we are been told about Dagomba ladies. In fact, they are the best in the world. Much love for you, once again………

Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim….
Social Commentator….

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