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Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Unprofessional Act of The Policeman

A trending video of a policeman by name Mr. Fredrick Amanor beating a woman holding a baby in a bank and as a social commentator, I think i have to also share my opinion on it.
In the wisdom of the policeman and in my own view his lack of wisdom tells him that the best way to deal with someone who “offends”is to assault that person. what a pity on his part. Anyone who is fortunate or unfortunate to watch the video to the end will realize what the policeman did is uncivilized, unprofessional, inhumane and uncalled for. And to the woman seen in the video, my interest as a social commentator is not to talk about whether she was wrong or right, because that side is still unclear, but from the conversation in the video one may deduce that the woman came to withdraw money. Yes of course, the police man thought he is strong enough to beat her. secondly he thinks because she is a woman, and thirdly he thinks because he is law enforcement agent he can do whatever he wishes or take the law into his own hands. The wonderful part of the incident is that, the policeman lost the battle both physically and socially in the sense that, getting to the ending part of the video he was fighting with the air and the air had to put him down without the woman even touching him. what a shame and it is no doubt that most people in the society are raining unfriendly words on you, which also suggests you have lost the societal support.

Mr. Fredrick Amanor, you may have been doing all the good works for us, but today we have seen you as unfriendly and harmful to the society. Today we are condemning your actions, as a man without honor, a man without integrity, you have disgraced the uniform and the profession as a whole. you have disgraced your family members and friends. Today you weren’t fortunate as you always are, I can say literally that, this is not your first time of assaulting a civilian. why because you were doing it without any remorse or pity for her and the child. It’s not only the woman who has been assaulted by such a police before, I may not be a victim but I say with a fact that many have been assaulted by such police officers day in and day out to the extend that others even lose their lives in the process of assaulting them. This video isn’t the first neither is it going to be the last, it will still continue. I bet you if this video was not released as evidence, this case would have been waved off like how the many others have been waved off in the past, so any way I thank the one who video the scene. The policeman has kept tension in we the ordinary people of Ghana, because anytime a police is around we must be afraid that he or she might harm us whereas it is supposed to be we been afraid because police are not around, hmm but now when you see a police around you ,ironically you begin to shiver. why because they appear to be our friends, protectors of the law and peacemakers but in reality they are not. People who are entrusted to protect us, are rather assaulting us, shameful policeman giving a bad name to the profession.

However, the management Midland savings and loans bank must be called to order by Ghanaians. So it has reached a level that your customer is no longer protected even in your premises because you people have been able to get her money into your possession ,right. I ask the manager of that bank, so there was no any better way to deal with the woman other than asking this so called policeman to brutalize her? The rumors I heard was that, the woman wanted to withdraw about 250gh cedis, oh my goodness, so no body in the bank could have been able to get this woman her money, after checking to see whether she was actually having money in her accounts especially the manager. No one even has the right to brutalize a client. Please costumers who are patronizing Midland savings and loans bank, this is a warning to you people, today may be hers but tomorrow might also be yours if you don’t run for your life. I entreat all costumers saving at Midland savings and loans bank to quickly withdraw all their savings from that bank, so that it will serve as a lesson to other banks. We need a serious precedent of such nature so our corporate bodies and all other institutions can learn from. I repeat again remove all your savings and do away with them. I would bow my head in shame if clients still have monies in there.The disheartening part I also saw in the video was the twin brother of the policeman with the same character sarcastically, was seen trying to rescue the baby, so that the police can actually beat the woman well. once again what a shame on their part. Moral upbringing in question here ?The aftermath of the video is another annoying thing, when the women at the bank were blaming the lady for fighting with a policeman while holding a baby, thus this makes sense to you, that a police man is beating a woman with a baby and you people are quit, and after that you people are blaming the victim, what a gender bias and a wicked world. Why not question the policeman, is he not a public servant. Servant means he should serve us not the other way round. i am not surprised at all that transpired in the video, no , not at all. It all balls down to behavioral , attitudinal nature of we Ghanaians. I don’t blame we “Fellow Ghanaians” for this attitude. We are ignorant and the people who know won’t educate us. Because why should or how come no one could confront the policeman and question him?? The bank should tender their contract with the policeman immediately. Shame on Midland Savings and loans.
Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim…..
Social Commentator……


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