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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Bullet under pressure to sign 17 year old girl Chikel who sings like the late Ebony

According to the Facebook post, it seems Bullet the C.E.O of rufftowns records is not happy about how Ghanaians are flooding his inbox with series of messages day and night and forcing him to sign the 17 years old girl Chikel Baby.
Bullet who called Ghanaians hypocrites argued that the same Ghanaians who lambasted her for swiftly bringing out a female artiste in replacement of the late Ebony are the same people who are forcing him to sign the 17-year-old girl and also attacking his new artiste Wendy Shay.
“So lately I have been getting messages on my facebook inbox, a lot of people are asking me to sign a girl who talks and sing like my late artiste Ebony Reigns and this got me thinking. These are the same people that said Ebony was too quick to bring out a new artist and these same people been attacking my new artiste Wendy Shay saying she is trying to sing and act like Ebony Reings even though you all know she is different.If you guys are attacking Wendy Shay because you claim she is trying to be like Ebony Reigns then why are you all forcing me to sign another artiste who sings and talk like Ebony Reigns? Chale we for stop this hypocritical life oooo.“He posted on his Facebook wall.
Not long ago Doris Inkoom known as Chikel Baby made a claim that she was possessed by the Late Ebony spirit thus compelling her to sing like her. This seemed to be like she wanted hype but upon critically analyzing her voice and that of the Late Ebony’s majority of Ghanaians we very well convinced that indeed she is the right girl Bullet should have signed to replace Ebony.
Chikel Baby as young as she is is very talented and there is no doubt that she is going to be one of the best female artiste in the few days ahead of us.
She just releases of the mind-blowing tune FREE CHOP.

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