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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The most Awards winning song [Liilafi]

Ibrahim Asiagodo endorsed the Liilafi song and calling for Education Directors to teat King Raph LIILAFI Song like Dagaati/waale education curriculum. He was very philosophical in every bar he delivered. He Got the Biggest Hit Years back Title ‘LILAAFI ‘With Number of Awards.

My personal favorite part is
“ka b3raa ny)ge duno, o kuori man bi oyon, ka enan waihuu a b3raa poun, ka o kuori l3wbi oyon”

Which translates
“When a trap catches an animal, it cries in a unique way, when you free it from the trap, it has another unique cry”

In literal terms, we can just say even animals know how to show appreciation and they acknowledge help. Sometimes, people are reluctant in helping those in need because of how ungrateful our society can be.
You can help somebody today and regret it the next day.
I also like how he promoted spirituality.

When you are wronged by someone, don’t retaliate or seek revenge, you won’t be any different, leave em to “lillaafi”.

Whose of you who don’t have it click on the link below to download and enjoy.

King Raph – Liilafi [Prod By P Jay]:   [Download]

Source: Ibrahim  Asiagogo

Long live King Raph
Long live Term Liilafi
Long live Xpress Gh Online

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