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Monday, October 1, 2018

King Raph makes it with Sharifa Gunu in a Collabo

The award winner afro pop artist, Abdul Rauf Ahmed, affectionately known in showbiz as King Raph has caught the attention of the northern star afro pop artist Sharifa Gunu. The two are in talks to making it big in the music industry.
In a face book live video, during the unprecedented Anbanbeu Executive Dinner album launch, the ..., by King Raph, the attention of many was caught, and thousands of eulogies and compliments were showered on the upper west afro pop star.
Amongst the thousands of fans, was the all time star, Sharifa Gunu, who explicitly voiced her likeness of King Raph. 'I really like that guy, and i want to do a song with him', by Sharifa. 
In expressing her intense desire to really do a song with King Raph, she singled out 'akwele', a song in King Raph' album to feature. Out of elation and acceptance, King Raph quickly responded by addressing Sharifa as 'big sis' and astutely labelling the collabo in a harsh tag, 'the legendary collabo'.
This chat between the two northern stars has already gained currency as many were spotted likening it and showing much love to the duo. 
Whilst talks are ongoing between the duo on the possible collabo, fans are chanting: 'we can’t wait to see you together,' 'what a collabo', 'Sharifa and King Raph are taking northern high', 'you are the best', 'we are proud of you'.
Have a look a the chat:

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