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Saturday, November 3, 2018


 Hello Dear brothers and Sisters especially Artists, Artists managers, PROs, and industry players in entertainment, as you all know me and the impact I have made positively within the industry of entertainment as a DJ with the support of other DJs in the Region for top and upcoming Artists at their fumbling moods of promoting and selling of their brand.
With all I had done and went through as an industry player and a DJ I say is enough for now as some artists seems not to recognized me for all what I had done for them but with that other face of me as I rebrand myself, I want to state here that I will not do it again as I had hustled, searched, and played their songs for artists in Upper West Region. I just want to inform you (Artists) that no artist should expect me to promote them my playing their new songs that I never had. So I expect them (artists) to follow the right procedure correctly if they really want us (DJs) especially me (DJ Whyte) to promote their songs by sending links for downloading to the DJs privately each. I am stating here that my branding has just began with that different face in me to help brand those artists who want to brand themselves positively in their career.
Above all Let me ask this question to those Industry players in the entertainment especially the artists, which of the artists did not get that promotion from me DJ Whyte or any DJ  EITHER Top or Upcoming artists within the Region? Come to mention of OJ, Gally, Wiz Maleek, Gamebwoy, King Raph etc and Upcoming artists like Sambwoy, Shatta Ranikng  and many others but just to mention a few who do recognized me (DJ Whyte) and my follow DJs for our good work done and still doing for the artists in the Region Wa.
In finalizing it all I will like to advice my artists and their management to have that good relation with the DJs positively to posses their songs either old or new for your own betterment and branding as well. With all I say brand yourself as an artist and We DJs will help brand you Better. 
                                             THANK YOU

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