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Monday, March 11, 2019

The Poem “Fate” By Poet Koya Bismark

The Poem “Fate”

History yet a story to be told
The thoughts can’t cling together
Like a basket, holds water
A history long written- Destiny

I wonder wildly about the world
Searching to find my fate
Then came cutting in to crush mathematics
The first field found with one Science
 That left me in misery

The English kept quiet
Because they wondered how I got pass literature in English
While the government looks on
What more moves can be memorable like this

That year society didn’t criticize
The social study, conducted
Then l fore tom, from from enti hɔ daa

 A remedy readily made by God
My fate fails not but eye

I then remember a voice volume cried in the wilderness
Put thou house in order
Heed!! Hear God fate doesn’t elude people
Yet people elude fate
Thou at a favorite son of fate


The poet or persona, narrates the agony he went through in his educational life. Expressing how he suffered failure in mathematics, Integrated Science and English Language. Then he finally mentioned when he overcame the difficulty he was at peace and society no more criticizes him for his failure.

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