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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Poem “Nature or Nurture” By Poet Koya Bismark

The Poem “Nature or Nurture”  


The years while away
Like a big whale shored away
He carried a brain that coiled away

Prone to a dilemma he ponders
His thoughts taught a great deal of porosity
Even people pitied his sanity

The worldwide weep
 Deep down a sinking sea
Dropping a fall to see

Then sorrow saw him off
Conscience bawling in shame
Mountains hide their face
 For who is to blame?

Society scolds politics
People blame politicians for misfortune.
The law yet a force to contend with
Who shall the truth come from?
Nature or nurture?


The persona expresses sorrow at how authorities and a society of people corrupt and mislead themselves. Indulging in acts / behaviors that make authorities compromise their office. Therefore, in the persona's view society or people contribute to their own retrogression by engaging in self - centered activities with authorities to amass wealth. Finally, in his poem “NATURE OR NURTURE” the poet worries about how people accuse politicians for lack of development and retrogression but are contributors to the problem.

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